2009 30/09

At the 14th meeting of the OSCE the representatives of the third sector reported a lack of democratization of the Belarusian society. The OSCE meeting concerns the review of the fulfillment of engagements in the human dimension by participating States, and takes place in Warsaw.

National delegations, representatives of national and international non-governmental organizations from more than 50 countries are taking part in the forum. The representatives of Belarusian human rights defenders, the United Civil Party and the Gomel democratic forum were also invited to the 14th meeting of the OSCE. They talked about the inadequate actions of the authorities to build a civil society, about the problems of the third sector – violations of the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly, criminal prosecution of members of unregistered public organizations.

However, Belarusian officials, by contrast, reported about the existing freedom of association in the country, said BelaPAN.

According to spring96.org,
Ales Leta,
Belarusian Legal Portal.

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