2010 09/08


Pavel Sapelka, a lawyer, informed that because of the prison administration one more attempt to visit a dentist Mikalai Autukhovich failed.

“Earlier we reached an agreement that Autukhovich would be taken to the dentist. I made an appointment with a dental surgeon in one of Minsk health centers for him. But unfortunately, these agreements were violated, and Mikalai was not convoyed there. And in the future this kind of conduct becomes a problem, as I cannot disturb work of stomatologic institutions. I have arranged appointments with a dentist many times on behalf of Autukhovich, and then he is not transported there,” the lawyer said to Radio Svaboda.

As said by the lawyer, Mikalai Autukhovich managed to give short information about his life in quarantine in Ivatsevichy colony #5.

“We received information that everything is alright with him, he is waiting for our meeting to continue actions for his further defence”.

A former military from Vaukavysk Uladzimir Asipenka, who was convicted in the same case with Mikalai Autukhovich, has not been released yet. The prisoner is to be included in the amnesty and hopes to be released before the end of August. Liudmila Asipenka, his daughter, says that the last three weeks her father had not been writing home. Liudmila knows from the lawyer that drafting of documents for Uladzimir Asipenka’s amnesty goes on:

“They have been waiting for answers concerning pleas. There was no answer as of July 20. It is possible that the situation will change now, some commissions may be meeting still. But it is not known still, and father does not call or write. We worried, and I made phone calls to the colony. They told that they do not give information on the phone, but they would have informed us if something would go wrong. He is tired with waiting probable,” Liudmila Asipenka said.

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