2010 15/07

On 12 July, human rights defender Siarei Ustsinau lodged with the Leninski District Court of Minsk a claim against the Presidential Administration in connection with the enforcement of Decree #60. According to the activist, some provisions of this decree violate the right to privacy.
In particular, parts 1 and 3 of point 6 of the Decree oblige the internet providers to identify the users and keep the information about the services provided to them for one year.

’Parts 1 and 3 of point 6 of the Decree violate my right to protection from arbitrary or unlawful interference with my privacy and correspondence. The international standards in this sphere demand that such interference be motivated in each concrete case and was sanctioned by a competent state organ. I think that the total surveillance of all users of the internet is incompatible with the human rights standards,’ explained Mr. Ustsinau.

The human rights defender intends to apply to the UN Human Rights Committee in the case his complaint will be dismissed by the court.

Source: www.spring96.org

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