2010 23/03
Maці Андрэя Жука

Аndrej Zhuk mother

On March 23 in Minsk an urgent conference took place.  Leaders of human rights organizations talked about the enforcement of death penalty towards Andrey Zhuk and Vasil Yuzepchuk.

Quoting the chairman of human rights union “Belarusian Helsinki Committee” Aleh Hulak, the convicted filed complaints to the Human Rights Committee of UNO according to Constitution and international legislative acts ratified by the Republic of Belarus.

“Moreover, Belarus received a note from the Office of High Commissioner for Human Right of UNO in which it was noted that the appeals have been registered and the death penalty mustn’t be enforced before it would be considered by the Committee of UNO”, – said Hulak.

Human rights defender Valiantsin Stefanovich said that this information was given to the correspondent state organs. But in spite of the Committee of UNO hasn’t considered these appeals yet, Yuzepchuk and Zhuk were punished.

Sviatlana Zhuk, the mother of one of the convicted, was present at the press conference. After the meeting of March 4, I asked when can I send the next parcel to my son, – told the woman. – They told me I can do it on March 19. <…> I brought the parcel and filed the application as usual. They told me to wait and headed me somewhere. Then some duty administrator came out and said: “Don’t look for him anywhere, wait for a notification”.

It was such a shock that I could hardly bear it… We went to all cemeteries near Minsk, looked for new graves. Yesterday we went to speak to the head of PTDC and he told us: “We’ve sent him to the place of conviction. Go to court – where he was convicted”. But the lawyer’s advice was: “Don’t go anywhere. Nobody will tell you the truth”.

25 year old Andrey Zhuk was found guilty in armed assault towards the workers of APC “Balshavik-Agro” who were transporting salary money to workers of the agricultural cooperative, and their murder on February 27, 2009 on the road of Salihorsk district, Minsk region. One of his confederates was convicted to life sentence and another one to 13 years of prison.

After it became known that two death penalties have been enforced in Belarus, human rights organization “International amnesty” appealed to Aleksandr Lukashenko to set a moratorium for death penalty immediately.

Quoting spring96.org

2 thoughts on “Mother of Andrey Zhuk, who was shot dead: “We looked up and down at all cemeteries near Minsk””

  1. Irina says:

    Belarusian people must decide such questions, not “Amnesty International”. Did bandits kill a daughter, a son, a husband a mother or a sister of “Amnesty International”? Why must criminals have more rights than their victims? Does it mean that a criminal can live, drink, eat and be happy?

  2. Ales says:

    A question of fair punishment for a grave offence isn’t a question of revenge. The approach like this isn’t acceptable from the government. Justice has other goals. State’s goals are: a man, steady development, peace and calmness in the society… – it can’t concede a murder of any kind, by any motives and circumstances, because it contradicts a high essence of human and prevents humanization of society.
    Of course, before different crimes as if justified by a high truth, bloody revolutions and coups happened on behalf of people… and now wars are happening, genocide of people is taking place on behalf of this very people… But history must teach something. One can’t build happiness on other people’s misfortune, on hatred, sufferings and blood. Violence produces violence. And time boosts the wheel of events when not a law of war and revenge must work on the level of reflexes and motivations, but a law of peace and love… It’s time to make our own conclusions. Much more destroying and killing armor gets into hands of people. A man, people, nation… must get out of this vicious circle of destroying hostility and start to write their own new and happy history of peaceful coexistence and mutual help. So we must imagine people as an insatiable bloody monster which needs revenge and scarifies. Our long-suffering and understanding people are not like this at all.
    Let’s once again pay attention to the fact that JUSTICE has its goal not to execute and revenge but to keep society secure, to isolate criminals and give them chance to improve and understand their deeds.
    Every convicted must have this little (even the least) chance to change and repent to become human until the moment of physical death in the case of life sentence (for example) bearing this long, mandatory and fair punishment.
    So it’s clear that moratorium on death penalty demanded by “Amnesty International” in our case means not a justification of criminals condemned for murder, but an alternative punishment of an equivalent rank – life sentence (without any right for amnesty, for example).
    Substitute death penalty (murder) with an alternative life-long and amnesty-free detention – what can be a more adequate alternative to death? What can be more cruel and painful than to be imprisoned forever?! But such punishment leaves hope for the condemned to improve and repent and also it leaves a possibility to exclude or fix a juridical error.
    It appears that in this case the goal of justice and law-enforcement is achieved – a life-long isolation from the society excluding the risk of punishing by mistake. In the case of mistake there is a possibility to fix the situation. Moreover there won’t be any facts of murder by the state on behalf of people who demanding bloody revenge. Such situation only multiplies evil and concedes existence of other people – “legal killers” (which dishonors human dignity). The performer of a murder in fact has kind of a duty delegated to him by people or its representatives. It is a duty to kill – to proceed the chain of sanctioned legal disappearances and bloody revenge…
    BUT, I think that the time has come for Belarus to stop this “devil’s vicious circle”… Medieval principles “blood for blood”, “eye for eye” can work only in a deadly fight for self-defending right to survive… Those who have got power, time, human mind and self-respect… – they have got the opportunity and must use in 100% a humane privilege of the state to punish thoughtfully and noble, choosing alternatives to death penalty and never assimilate neither criminal nor his impulses of revenge and anger or cynical pragmatic profit…
    And one shouldn’t say that people, especially Belarusians demand continuation of murders!
    No nation, especially Belarusians, ever was and is now a murderer and torturer… And one shouldn’t make it a puppet or a justification of Belarus’s demonstrational ignoring of international obligations and correspondent juridical procedures of HRC of UNO and demonstrative disrespectful continuation of procedures humiliating for European countries – death penalty and tortures.

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