2009 09/10
Казімір Фарына, Мінадукацыі Беларусі

Kazimir Faryna, the Belarian Ministry of Education

Yes, on 9 October 2009 parents of Yanka Lapitsky (a Belarusian-speaking student of Gymnasium № 1 in Zhodzina) received another response to theirs appeal, which was sent DIRECTLY to the Minister of Education of Belarus, Mr. Radzkou.

Surprisingly, the Deputy Minister, Mr. Faryna, whose inactivity was highlighted in the appeal, responded to this parents’ address to the Minister by himself (!?). Answer from the Ministry of Education of 06.10.2009 under No. 06-1156-K-(1)-0 was signed by this official.

In its response the high official of educational system in the country referred to the Rulings (including the discriminatory decision No. 928 of Zhodzina Executive Committee to ban the Belarusian-language teaching in the Gymnasium № 1 – the only one in the whole region), as well as to the relevant Regulations … However, as usual, he mentioned neither the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, nor the appropriate citizens’ right to free secondary education in their national language in his own home country violated today…

Once again the Deputy Minister referred to the officially used motif of a discriminatory decision No. 928 in Zhodzina, namely, the need for effective use of the budget by local Executive Committee … However, the Zhodino Executive Committee has apparently decided to “stay away” from this absurd motivation … Indeed, the governing body of the Zhodino Executive Committee provided the applicants with neither calculation, nor “the specific amount of the budget loss for the provision of educational services by the state institutions “Gymnasium № 1” in the realization of constitutional right to free secondary education of their son in native Belarusian official language in Belarus …”

Despite the fact that in the response some specific facts of the situation with the refusal of Gymnasium № 1 to provide the Belarusian-speaking student with Belarusian-language educational services on the territory of this state educational institution are confused and distorted, the Deputy Minister still says Yanka’s parents that “… Gymnasium № 1 of Zhodzina can make concession and organize the classes in the school’ premises, but you as legal representatives must take responsibility for life and health of Yanka Lapitsky DURING THE CLASSES. To do this you need to write a statement to the educational institution.”

This message … of Belarusian Deputy Minister of Education we have addressed to Yanka’s father, Lapitsky Aliaxei, and asked him to comment the reply and the last statement from the Ministry of Education – the material posted above.

Prepared by Ales Leta,
Belarusian Legal Portal,


Response from the Ministry of Education of 06.10.2009 under No. 06-1156-K-(1)-0 on DIRECT appeal to the Minister of Education of Belarus, Mr. Radzkou, on the inaction of the Deputy Minister, Mr. Faryna, carried out by the same Deputy Minister, Mr. Faryna.

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