2009 07/12


On 4 September 2009 the Belarusian authorities sent its submission on the comment of Alena Zaleskaya (Vitebsk) to the UN Human Rights Committee. The comment was obtained during the correspondence on the concerned in Geneva individual complaint under No. 1604/2007 on the violation of Alena’s right to peaceful assembly and demonstrations fixed in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

Individual complaint to the UN Human Rights Committee by Alena Zaleskaya (as a subject of international law on human rights) and subsequent correspondence with the Committee concerning this complain is performed in accordance with the Optional Protocol to ICCPR to which the Republic of Belarus is a party.

USUALLY, during the correspondence on the registered to consideration complain, the subjects (the applicant, UN Human Rights Committee, the state) exchange messages and comments about the provided for the study to the UN Human Rights Committee facts of limitation of rights and freedoms. This is necessary for the comprehensive Committee’s consideration of the situation and the pronouncement of its opinions binding on the state, a party to ICCPR.

The document below is presented in the context of concerned individual complaint to the UN Human Rights Committee on the violation of the right to freedom of peaceful assembly by the Republic of Belarus. It reflects the position of the Belarusian authorities, both in regard to the provisions of the ICCPR on freedom of peaceful assembly, and their understanding of the essence of the admissibility criteria of this generally recognized rule on their national territory.

Here is the information of the competent authorities of the Republic of Belarus on the comment of Alena Zaleskaya (rus.)

Article: “Strategic litigation in the case of Alena Zaleskaya”

Prepared by Ales Leta,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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