2010 03/01
Рыгор Васілевіч, Генпракуратура

Ryhor Vasilevish, General Prosecutor’s Office

Prosecutor’s Office refused to accept for consideration the applications of human rights defenders. The applications were made officially in the interest of a number of victims of youth activists from Minsk who have been abducted from Minsk streets in a similar way.

Applicants, who have received a denial of proper consideration of applications and prosecutor’s measures, referred to Internet information sources.

However, prosecutors found that citizens’ appeals are made on behalf of specific victims in this case, and therefore they do not comply with the statutory form for presenting the application.

This motivation is present in the response from the Minsk city prosecutor’s office, signed by head of department on monitor the implementation of legislation and the legality of legal acts, Counselor of Justice Hlyshchenka. The latter considers the applications of human rights defenders as the applications directly on behalf of victims since they were made on the basis of the facts that were given publicly and not disputed by anyone. On that basis he explains the refusal to accept them for consideration and appropriate response as well as due to lack of necessary documents that would show that the claimants are empowered by the victims.

Thus, we can conclude that the applications made by citizens on publicly known facts of crimes in the interests of and not on behalf of victims (what is completely obvious and follows from the applications themselves) are not taken into consideration by the Procurator’s Office on completely formal absurd grounds.

At the same time the citizen’s right to appeal to Human Rights protection is ignored. Law enforcement department of Belarus expressly refuses to perform their duties in respect of the publicly known facts of intimidation and persecution of Belarusian citizens for active civic and political activities …

These actions both by the unknown persons on Minsk streets and by law-enforcement authorities of Belarus, force to suggest that for some categories of citizens in our country (civil society activists and human rights defenders) the status of citizen of Belarus stop its effect on some “higher” than law unwritten order. And quite different standards and methods of action similar to ideological or brutal criminal orders have an effect in respect of these categories of citizens …

In what country do we live, comrades?

Where are we going? And where have we come?

And will we come at all …?

P/S (updated on 04/01/2010)

Human rights defenders reacted promptly to an illegal formal reply of the Minsk city prosecutor’s office with a respective complaint to the Attorney General of Belarus, Ryhor Vasilevich.

1.  The application to the Attorney General of Belarus, Ryhor Vasilevich (Rus).

2. Reply from the General Prosecutor’s  Office with refuse to consider the application.

Аles Volany,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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