2009 19/11
Alaksiej Lapicki, Zhodzina

Alaksiej Lapicki

I cannot but express my thoughts and attitudes about the very laconic and aptly remark by the known in Belarus and far beyond human rights defender, my friend, Ales Bialiatski.

His findings are absolutely accurate and indisputable!

In fact, freedom of speech, thought, information dissemination, as well as freedom of association and peaceful assembly … are only real prerequisites for the normal existence of civil society, the existence of different public stances and public dialogue in it. This free space and a public pluralism of ideas are essential for providing conditions for a meaningful choice in society.

But even in these conditions – without precisely prescribed and transparent procedures of ELECTIONS – the implementation of this conscious choice is not possible!

Thus, it absolutely clear that any concessions by the regime and the improvement in the former, do not mean that something is automatically fundamentally changed in the latter. And power will be finally elected in fair and transparent conditions.

However, without that, without changes in electoral laws, electoral procedures, we cannot say that people are once again will be returned their main constitutional right to free election, which only makes them competent CITIZENS of their own country – Belarus.

And the defining moment, a moment of returning to the citizens of their CIVIC ESSENCE would be tantamount to a historic moment, when the full subjects of international law in the field of human rights, the Belarusian citizens, will eventually have a right to elect and be elected, and therefore to be masters in their own country.

It will be only then that the resounding words CITIZEN and BELARUSIAN PEOPLE will truly be filled with their original sense and can actually meet their essence.

In the meantime, the CITIZEN with no real right to choose and the artificially molded amorphous and frightened mass of the crowd under the guise of “nation”, from which they say all the today’s high “royal” powers of the Belarusian regime come – are forged and artificial attributes used for the cynical and criminal usurpation of power.

The source of all power in the country is the people. But the people as a collection of free and responsible for the fate of their state citizens who TRULY AND UNDERSTANDINGLY elect government and, through this basic right, realize their civil authority to manage their own country.


ELECTIONS are a touchstone for the ruling regime…

Genuinely free and fair elections – these are the doors behind which is a break of the deadlock of post-Soviet stagnation and the artificial division of Belarusian society in authoritarian right and democratic wrong, in patriots and strangers…

Here lies the seed from which dictatorship takes root…

Here is its end, too…

Here is the beginning of a new, democratic, European perspective, a new society, united around the national idea, a new progressive reality for Belarus…

As a result, from the infamous and abandoned authoritarianism our country comes right back to the basics and gets into the center of the natural European civilization. It becomes its active, dynamically developing center. A center for a universal investment, humanitarian and political interest, a center of attention for the Central European geopolitical initiatives on the continent…

THEREFORE, the reinstatement of the Belarusian people’s right to free choice – is the Golden Key to a progressive and dynamic, free from the diktat and lack of freedom Belarusian society of the XXI century.

Aliaksei Lapitski,

Human rights defender, Zhodzina.

Belarusian Legal Portal,


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