2009 06/11
Памяць продкаў пад забаронаю, Вілейка

Verdict to Vileika activists left unchanged.

On November 6 Minsk regional court dismissed the complaint by the pro-democratic movement activists from Vileika region Aiaksei Siudak, Uladzimir Maliarchuk and Ales Narkevich.

“In fact, we were once again accused of holding an unsanctioned rally during the installation of the crosses on the site of the shooting the activist of Belarusian anti-Soviet resistance Rastsislau Lapitski in the woods near the village of Krasny Berazhok”, said Mr. Maliarchuk.

Thus, the district court’s decision dated October 8, remains in force. According to it, Aiaksei Siudak and Uladzimir Maliarchuk were fined 30 basic units (150,000 rubles) each, and Aliaksandr Narkevich – 20 basic units (700 thousand rubles).

The crosses in memory of the hero of Belarus Rastsislau Lapitski and all the victims of repression were installed on September 1. On September 9 they were consecrated by a priest of the Orthodox Church, and the next day crosses destroyed by representatives of local authorities. In this regard, on September 15 the activists lodged a complaint with the police department. The complaint went unanswered, and three days later, on September 19, a local policeman Mikalis Miachkou charged the complainants with alleged unauthorized rally.

Rastsislau Lapitski was born September 9, 1928 in the family of an Orthodox priest in the village of Kasuta (now – Vileika district). In 1948-1949, he created an anti-Bolshevik underground organization of young people in Smarhon and Miadzel districts. The organization published anti-Bolshevik and anti-Stalinist leaflets. Soon it was discovered and its members, including minors, were sentenced to different terms of imprisonment in camps. Rastsislau Lapitski, as the chief organizer, was sentenced to death and executed on October 28, 1950.

Source: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty,

Prepared by Ales Leta,

Belarusian Legal Portal,


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