2009 01/11


The Belarusian Legal Portal (by.prava-by.info) several appeals of support for civil society activists, individuals and human rights defenders harassed by the authorities.

The human rights activists, dealing with the protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens, are often (as well as their families, relatives and friends, children) exposed to target persecution and organized harassment, psychological pressure, becoming the targets and victims of the country’s dominant system of the suppression of civil activism, public, political freedom and all forms of dissent.

HOT TOPICS AND LINKS TO ARTICLES – in the annex to this material.

The public part of the forum features a new topic, entitled “Collective protection and solidarity”, where there is an invitation to relevant information activity on the site, which has the following contents.

I suggest:

1) posting links to articles on all kinds of persecution of human rights defenders, civil society activists, ordinary citizens…

2) expressing one’s views and inviting friends and colleagues to comment on these articles, as well as speak about them on the forum…

3) commenting on the articles, as well as on the forum, both on specific cases of persecution, and on the above-mentioned, very relevant to today’s Belarus, topic…

I believe that this attention and activity will be gratefully perceived by victims of persecution and can somehow help them through the difficult situation of legal protection, and confrontation with the regime – for their own convictions, for civil and political rights and freedoms, for the right to be “called people” in our own country.

Articles of solidarity and support (if they have the volume of up to 2-3 pages) can be displayed in this section of the forum and sent for publication to: wwwadvart@gmail.com

In this context, I also suggest drawing attention to the special section of “Legal Solidarity” which grouped all the relevant information materials to which you can add your own comments.


We believe that these proposals are really worthy of attention. In turn, the long-sought initiative will not remain unnoticed by those who have something to say in support of their own friends and colleagues who are faced with bureaucratic nomenclature, violence, discrimination and outright politically motivated persecution by the current regime in the country.

The word “solidarity” always gives new strength and optimism. Enhanced by collective support and attention, it is stronger than any “shackles of cynical lies”, methodical abuse and humiliation of human dignity, since it finds response in human hearts with a wave of indestructible desire for the better. The will, reinforced with a solidarity word of truth in the civic activities, helps to overcome any obstacles on the path to freedom.

Belarusian Legal Portal,

Ales Volny,



Public Support for Human Rights Activists

Hot Topics and Links to Articles

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