2010 17/03

On March 17th, Syargei Gousha, the observer, submitted a claim to the Prosecutor of the city of Baranavichy.

It was said in the claim that according to the “Planned schedule of events on preparation and holding of elections to the local Council of deputies of the Republic of Belarus (26th convocation)” approved by Resolution # 7 of the Central Commission (January 21, 2010), list of divisional election committees shall be published within seven days from the date of approval.

On March 10th, Municipal executive committee in Baranavichy held a meeting on approval of the composition of election committees for elections to the local Council of deputies. Within five minutes 66 divisional election committees composed by 685 persons were approved, but failed to be published within the next seven days.

Syargei Gousha in his claim to the Prosecutor of the city of Baranavichy pointed out that “today, on March 17th, seven days after, the lists of divisional election committees have not been published in the state newspaper “Nash Krai”. Therefore, the observer asked to take actions of public prosecutor’s supervision and to ensure implementation of the Electoral Code by public officials of the city of Baranavichy during the election campaign.

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Source: spring96.org,
Prepared by Аles LETA.

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