2010 21/01

Аkrescina, Miensk

There have been many publications on bad conditions in the detention center located in Minsk, 1st Akrestsin Lane, 36, but it usually did not pass from words to deeds.

Yagor Babrou, activist from “Young Belarus”, was detained for 15 days because of the performance “Do not like the regime – throw at me”, and felt like it is time to pass from the words to deeds. On December 29, 2009 he submitted two complaints to the court of the Moscow district of Minsk and prosecutor’s office in the city of Minsk about the improper conditions in the detention center.

On January 14, 2010 he received a decision from the court of the Moscow district in which Judge E. U. Khatkevich refused to initiate civil action on the grounds of his complaint.

On January 16, 2010 he also received an answer from the prosecutor’s office in the city of Minsk, signed by N.N. Gerashchanka, Senior Assistant of Prosecutor of Minsk responsible for supervision over the legality of the execution of criminal penalties, in which his arguments on the improper conditions of detention were partially confirmed.

Yagor Babrou pointed out that: “I have already submitted a complaint about the decision of the court of the Moscow district of Minsk, and will defend my right to be free from cruel and inhuman treatment in the national courts, and if it would be necessary in the international organizations as well. I think that the situation itself in the detention center will not change, and it needs to be changed with the help of people who will submit complaints, appeal to courts and other public bodies. Constant dropping wears away the stone”.

The answer to Yagor Babrou from the prosecutor’s office in the city of Minsk (rus.)

According to the business correspondence

(Information provided by Syargei Ustsinau)

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