2009 02/10
Васіль Грышчанка, Жодзінскі выканкам

Vasyl Hryshchanka, Zhodzina executive committee

On 01.10.2009, the parents of Yanka Lapitski received a response to their latest appeal from the executive committee of Zhodzina. The document was once again signed by the chair of the executive committee Vasil Hryshchanka alone.

According to Aliaksei Lapitski, despite the fact that the letter from Mr. Hryshchanka noted that it was made in response to the applicants’ appeal, there were no specific answers to the questions raised by the Lapitskis.

The answer, as they say, did not impress with any original ideas and represented another regular reply beside the point. In fact, the dialogue just does not work. There can be no dialogue when one of the subjects is sure of his own dominant position, ignoring the issues and arguments of the reverse side.

Indeed, the fact is indicative of two completely identical responses from the Ministry of Education to the appeal by two different applicants. The appeals by Yanka Lapitski’s parents and the human rights organization BHC, as it turned out, at different times were replied by the Ministry by completely (letter for letter) identical answers signed by Deputy Minister of Education of Belarus Mr. Faryno (rus.)

The essence of the recent responses by the officials concerning the fact of the ban of Belarusian-language education at Gymnasium № 1 of Zhodzina is reduced to references to the sector instructions of the Ministry of Education, e.g., the statutes of the school.

It looked even so, that with reference to the provisions of the statute of Gymnasium № 1 and the Languages Act, officials of Zhodzina executive committee concluded and tried to assert the illegitimate status of the Belarusian language in Gymnasium № 1, which allegedly had Russian as the primary language of education!

Representatives of the executive power in Zhodzina seem not to notice any violation of the provisions of the Basic Law in this case, no discriminatory restrictions on the rights of citizens deprived of their right to education in mother tongue in their native country, or other laws and the inner regulations, prohibited without parental consent, against their wishes , convictions and even citizenship, without their respective statements that actually forced to enroll their Belarusian-speaking son in a Russian-language class.

Moreover, the officials did not seem to see the problem itself. They keep saying the citizens that everything is really good and under control. Which, in general, looks like a direct cynical and irresponsible bullying, insulting and degrading for national and human dignity.

The officials of the educational sphere, closing their eyes to their own duties and rights of citizens, on the orders from above force the teenager out of the educational institution, in reply to request to stop the violence they are trying to lull the victims with tales about the “good and omnipotent” instructions.

In current circumstances, when Belarusian-language education in secondary schools of gymnasium level in effect is fully liquidated, and the last and only in the region Belarusian-speaking student, Yanka Lapitski is deprived of his right to receive full educational services guaranteed by the state, his parents, Aliaksei and Sviatlana Lapitskis make a last effort to put an end to the discrimination and address the officials of relevant agencies in Zhodzina and Minsk. Recently, they appealed directly to the Minister of Education Mr. Radzkou, and today sent their appeal (By) to Mr. Hryshchanka in Zhodzina executive committee, who is ‘supervising the situation.’

How could the responses of these distinguished officials of high rank impress? What will change in the situation? And in what direction? Let me guess.

But that’s a very alarming tendency of these officials to form a virtual revolution in the legal, linguistic and national-value approaches. This mental somersault or a radical revision of the national language on a national scale looks like quite a harmless arbitrariness. Especially when you consider that this kind of “ideological approach” conceals a total constitutional and legal nihilism, corresponding anti-constitutional practice, concrete, discriminated on national and linguistic grounds citizens, full-fledged subjects including international law, civil rights and liberties.

Today they are the direct victims and witnesses that the authorities actually ignore the priority law (Constitutional and International human rights law), as well as natural Belarusian national priority in Belarus. All this leads to a complete discriminatory mess, intentional and purposeful pressure on the national and linguistic identity, and therefore is also directed, above all, against political opponents of the pro-Russian regime in Belarus. After all, the national and linguistic values of the Belarusian people, sovereignty and independence … are the natural foundation of the cultural conditions and lifestyles, ways of thinking and beliefs of active members and supporters of the opposition in Belarus.

Thus, there is absolutely no doubt that the actions of high officials of Zhodzina executive authorities on the situation are ideologically motivated, discriminatively demeaning and unconstitutional.

Nevertheless, one very much like to see the future responses responsible by high “Belarusian officials” on the situation in the “Belarusian town of Zhodzina” finally mention concern about the problems that they are obliged to solve according to their own high powers and responsibilities.

The applicants are awaiting meaningful answers and suggestions to solve the discriminatory situation created by Zhodzina authorities, in many respects exemplary, but savage and shameful for a civilized country.

1) Reply by the Executive Committee of 25.09.2009 (posted 01.10.2009)

Адказ выканкаму ад 25.09.2009 (дасланы 01.10.2009)

2) Reply to the parents’ and the BHC’s appeals from the Ministry of Education (Rus)

3) Appeal of 01.10.2009 to the Chair of the Executive Committee of Zhodzina Vasil Hryshchanka (By) 

Ales Volny,

Belarusian Legal Portal


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