2010 06/03
Казімір Фарына, Мінадукацыі Беларусі

Kazimir Farino, Education Міnistry of Belarus

On 05.03.2010 parents of Yan Lapitsky from Zhodzina addressed the Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus one more time. Previous appeal which was sent to the Minister Aleksandr Radzkou again hasn’t reached the recipient. In fact, even deputy minister Kazimir Farino didn’t manage to answer it. He only told said that he has redirected the appeal to the head of the Central administration of education of Minsk executive committee – Taisa Danilievich.

In this way, the ministry even refused to comment the fact that Yan Lapitsky, a Belarusian-speaking pupil, was denied education in Belarusian language in Gymnasium #1 in Zhodzina for the second time since the beginning of 2009 because of a telephone order which came from Town Education Department of Minsk regional executive committee. As a result the realization of Decree #417 of Commission on juvenile affairs of Zhodzina executive committee about renewing of education of Belarusian-speaking teenager in the building of this educational establishment was baselessly and lawlessly stopped.

Together with this, the reaction on lawless counteractions, such as: telephone call from Minsk with the demand to stop the realization of Decree #417 and the correspondent order #510 made by the principal of Gymnasium #1 Gennady Korshun about banning education in Belarusian language in this educational establishment, was too much “diplomatically” given into hands of those who bears (as if before themselves) a “responsibility” (of their own) for realization of this evident violation of law, at most (!?).

High-ranking law-breakers singled out for honor at different levels can exult once again about their privilege positions and possibility to break any law unpunished – whether it is the right for choosing type and language of education or any other meaningful and free choice.

In connection with redirection of the claim to TED of Minsk regional executive committee, parents of Yanka Lapitsky, who is still isn’t allowed to attend Gymnasium #1 to study in Belarusian language, listed an appeal to the Ministry of Education and specified their demands. It became possible after familiarization with documental prove (we mean familiarization with the first variant of the case #2-200-2010 of 12.02.2010, before disappearance of the process document mentioned) that a destructive meaningful activity of administration of TED of Minsk regional executive committee and real demand of T.Danilievich (Minsk) directed to V.Hrishchenka (Zhodzina) to take measures of closing the educational program in Gymnasium #1 in Zhodzina, led to a vulgar disturbance of the balance which was achieved here in 2004-2005 and also to negative consequences, lawless discrimination actions on the part of local authorities and officials from the system of education.

In the appeal of 05.03.2010 parents stop acting liberally. They ask Ministry of Education of Belarus concrete questions which refer to destructive and lawless position of the administration of TED of Minsk regional executive committee which is the initiator and stimulator of the conflict of violated rights in Zhodzina.

Aliaksiey Lapitsky:

-The patron and architect of these discrimination plan wasn’t satisfied with the situation in which by a compromise decision of home-based education, which was supposed to take place in a specially provided premises of Gymnasium till the end of 2009 – the place where Yanka have studied before. That’s why they used their common nomenclature methods and a banal telephone law to ruin this peaceful deal. Here we once again saw a purposeful character of all violations observed – purposeful, impudent and unpunished self-assured… to a real criminal cynicism. Those who rule these “mockery on Constitution, law and national dignity of the Belarusians in Zhodzina” are meaningfully and pragmatically hiding their evil purposes and lawlessness in actions with a system of whole corporation irresponsibility which is based on a traditional fear to lose their posts and which rules everywhere and suppresses any public rights and freedoms…

1) Copy of the reply of deputy-minister of Education K.Faryna, 17.02.2010
2) Copy of the appeal to the Ministry of Education of Belarus, 05.03.2010 (by)

Копія адказу намесьніка Мінадукацыі К.Фарыны ад 17.02.2010

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