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On 25.12.2009 the UN HRC received another individual complaint of violations of the right to association (Art.22 of the ICCPR) by Belarus (drawn up by human rights activist Siarhei Ustsinau).

One must admit that last year was exemplary in terms of manifestations of the real trends in the deteriorating situation of civil rights and freedoms in Belarus.

Key to the normal, stable development of a civilized country indicators of democratic freedoms, such as respect for freedom of speech, thought, conscience and the free dissemination of information, freedom of peaceful assembly and association, without which there can be no democratic electoral process and constitutional rotation of power, declined to a level of NOT FREE COUNTRIES of the world.

Paradoxically, but declaring their best intentions and understanding the price of the issue for the people of Belarus, the country’s political leadership, publicly, in front of surprised community is engaged in some kind of “bazaar” juggling reality and tries to convince the respected surroundings, which has its own eyes and mind, that those products in the brilliant Chinese wrap that are held on the “official shelves of democratization” are the long-awaited freedom.

An example of reverse anti-democratic “crackdown” in the preparation of socio-political “mechanism” for the future “selective representations” may be many non-registrations of already well-known even outside the “territory of a single local non-freedom” public and political organizations or entities in the country. These include even such well-known and influential, as human rights and civilian actors – HRC “Viasna”, the Assembly of NGOs in Belarus, as well as political ones – the Labor Party, the BCD, the Young Front…

A copy of another, new, referred to below individual complaint to the UN HRC is an evidence of the enlargement process of non-freedom, in which there is no place for law, rights or logic of a stable and progressive development (democratic). And there is only the old habit of those who due to their previous memories continue to hold power by any means, and for that conserves and preserves the state of non-freedom – are directing their efforts and public donations to ban everything that has its own living citizens’ initiative, that is not created by order and cannot be controlled from inside or dependent and controlled by the executive committees.

It is significant that on the day of Christmas, people have found strength and will to submit an appeal to the UN HRC. It is obvious that, given the demonstrative failure to implement the Belarusian leadership’s international obligations on the conclusion of UN Human Rights Committee regarding the need to correct the situation involving the violation of the provisions of the Treaty (the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights) and correct violations of the inalienable rights of citizens (provided to each in the civilized free world), the rights and freedoms – another complaint in the UN HRC may be perceived as something ineffective, and therefore unnecessary…

But, indeed, the truth is not here… It’s not always immediately visible… But it is the truth, which, unlike the lies and those who generate them, immortal and always existent… It always finds a way to freedom and will take its rightful place in the society…

A drop of truth and belief in change for the better – in fact is able to destroy all the walls on its path to freedom…

Ales Volny,

Belarusian Legal Portal,


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