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ЯК АКАЗАЛАСЯ, ДОСТУП ДА НЕЗАЛЕЖНАЕ ПРЭСЫ Ў МЕНСКУ – ПЫТАНЬНЕ ДАГЭТУЛЬ АДКРЫТАЕ … As it turns out, access to independent media in Belarus is still an open question …

On 09.01.2010 Siarhei Ustsinau (Minsk) reported that he could not freely get the necessary independent press in his post office.

It turns out that the citizen had a preliminary agreement with the management of post office № 95 in Minsk that the independent newspaper Narodnaya Volia (“People’s Will”), which finally was able to be sold through the system of centralized state distribution, would always be in such abundance, so that one can easily buy it.

Earlier, the human rights activist left a remark in the book of complaints and suggestions to draw the attention of the post office administration to the fact. However, following negotiations and promises of the administration to resolve the issue properly, he withdrew his comments.

According to Siarhei Ustsinau, the arrangement with the management of the post office used to be carried out, but since January 4 he witnessed the complete absence of “People’s Will” on the shelves at a time when all the official press was present in sufficient quantity.

In this regard, the resident of Minsk decided to once again draw the attention of the administration through the book of comments and suggestions.

Aliaksei Lapitski (Zhodzina):
The situation in many respects is very revealing. It is further complicated on the eve of and during the ” nationwide election performances” when it appears impossible to affect the systemic and sometimes even apparently coordinated nature of the violation of the right to free dissemination of information, and even the official propaganda products, with the use of conventional methods. Since the violations are massive and widespread, and violation of the law of does not imply any responsibility.

Thus, despite a number of occasional relief and demonstrations of tolerance of the authorities to freedom of information, ideological pressure and total control over all spheres of life in the country, thoroughly controlled by the regime, lead to the fact that independent elements are subject to specially designed instructions and “supervisors in gray”, which in the absence of adequate development of an independent alternative, gradually and purposefully block, stop and actually suppress the action of any civil right and freedom in society.

Unfortunately, the discrimination of all independent (i.e. opposition) elements, and for the present regime, also independent or sovereign, Belarusian national … – is unofficially the norm in today’s Belarus, which is with a cynical dissonance louder and louder officially declaring to the world its independence, European civilized nature and intentions of democratization.

However, controlled “democracy” in the form in which it is translated into the civil society and put into practice, has nothing to do with democracy and inalienable priorities of law and justice, government guarantees and commitments, social and political freedoms.

As you can see, the new 2010 year the concerned readers from Minsk continue to be facing the questions of access to independent media – media freedom, the availability of independent print publications on the shelves of public distribution system of the press, in particular, the newspaper “People’s Will”.

Given that the “exemplary” local elections are near at hand, it is interesting to observe the changes in the situation with access to independent media in the coming, just as predictably, election and pre-electoral periods.

Ales Volny
Belarusian Legal Portal

The entry in Remarks and Proposals Book

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