2010 13/03
Там, дзе перамагае ... права?

Zhodzina town court

Cassation complaint registered under 17.02.2010 was filed against the decision of Zhodzina court of 27.01.2010 about Zhodzina executive committee forbidding peaceful picketing on 10.12.2009 on the International Human Rights Day in Zhodzina. Hearing of the case in Minsk regional court was first scheduled on 11.03.2010. Applicant Aliaksiey Lapitsky took notice about it on 01.03.2010.

In this notice is written that prosecutor’s office of the town was interested in the materials of the case. The message signed by the chairman of Zhodzina court Alina Klus and judge Tatsiana Tratsiuk was sent to the prosecutor of Zhodzina Victor Litvinienka.

But after this, by the request of judge Tatsiana Tratsiuk, who personally contacted the applicant by phone and told that juridical assembly Minsk was very busy, the date of hearing of the case was postponed to 10-00 of 18.03.2010.

Let’s remind that the peaceful request in Zhodzina was made by human rights defenders Aliaksiey Lapitsky and Sviatlana Lapitskaya according to the legislation on 25.11.2009, 15 days before planned picketing.

It was appropriately registered in the executive committee the same day. Moreover, suggestions of coordination and cooperation with authorities ware written in this request to provide a proper way of organizing the planned actions.

The applicants requested holding the meeting on a specially provided and approved for mass events ground. According to the requirements of law the applicants-organizers assumed all written obligations about organizing the event which were set in the official form by a separate paragraph confirmed by all necessary signatures.

But authorities refused the applicants-organizers without any reaction or preliminary contacts and not explaining their negative answer to a request of peaceful meeting.

In spite of the meeting was planned to be peaceful and small-size with giving out information and signature collection, the picketing was banned. The official answer said that the “package of documents didn’t fully fit the correspondent requirements” of the corresponding law.

Аляксея Лапіцкі, Жодзіна

Aliaksiey Lapitsky stated that human rights defenders will try to start and push through the matter of strategic suit of changing the discrimination politics of systematic preclusions in realization of right for peaceful meetings, free spread of information and pronouncing of beliefs and freedom of thoughts.

-Consideration of the complaint will take place in Minsk regional court on 18.03.2010. Do you know what time will it take place?

-If past experience is anything to go by, “political matters” are being considered in cassation instance in the last turn. And it is done purposely because little witnesses of how such juridical decisions about similar matters are adopted are left by that time.

-Perhaps, in all authoritarian systems rights and freedoms are treated by a ruling bureaucracy negatively and hostile…

-Of course, they are. Nomenclatures of all repressive regimes are in sympathy for each other in these matters. They are against civil liberties and against law.

It seems like just one small thing is lacking – the society must unite.

If we all together say our words of truth just for one time, law will triumph!

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Ales Volny,
Belarusian LEGAL PORTAL,

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