2010 17/03

Five citizens from Brest complained in the UN Human Rights Committee on the prohibition of piquet in the city against indifference of the officials to citizens’ addresses.

Individual communications to the Committee were sent by the applicant of named picket Paval Kazlou as well as by other possible participants of the event, Valery Iliyash, Siarhey Pstyga, Marat Brashko and Raman Kisliak In their complaints to the independent organ of international investigation they state that the prohibition of named picket by Brest municipality is the violation of their civil right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

According to Raman Kisliak, they have exhausted all means of civil protection in Belarus:

– We previously unsuccessfully appealed the prohibition in the relevant Belarusian authorities. Brest authorities banned the picket because the planned event is not at a place that is determined by the authorities for such activities, which is the stadium “Lakamatyu”. On belief of the applicant and people interested in the picket, to hold public moves there makes no sense. It is impossible to attract public attention in deserted places. We hope that this problematic situation will be the subject of the proceedings of an independent international body.

Raman Kisliak is confident that the Committee recognizes the violation of applicants’ right and Belarusian authorities would have to create in Brest conditions for expression of citizens in public places of the city.

To remind, the reason for the picket was the illegal cancellation of a license of Pavel Kazlou. He sent 50 complaints to various instances about the illegal decision of the Ministry of Justice, on the grounds of which such possible removal of the license for evaluation of vehicles is possible. According to the court ruling, the license was removed because Kazlou has examined the accident not benefit his party – a traffic policeman.

Kazlou believes that his complaint was not considered on its merits.

Source: Radio Racyja,
Ales Leta,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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