2010 25/03
Аб чым маўчыць Міністар, М.Радзькоў?

What does M.Radzkou keep eloquent silence about?

Ministry of Education of Belarus refuses to give information on the request of Zhodzina natives…

Minister of Education M.Radzkou again didn’t answer the appeal of parents of Yanka Lapitsky who is still deprived of the opportunity to study in Gymnasium #1 of Zhodzina (principle G.Karshun) in native language.

Officials don’t stop discrimination pressure of a 14 year-old teenager and his parents – human rights activists from Zhodzina – Aliaksiey Lapitsky and Sviatlana Lapitskaya, which violates rights for choosing the type and language of education. Moreover, they received one more (the second this year) humiliating formal reply from 20.03.2010 signed by the deputy minister K.Faryna for their strict appeal from 05.03.2010.

In this reply (three lines) gives no answers for specific raised questions and demands of the applicants, which were addressed Minister M.Radzkou as the highest official in the system of education in Belarus. Also, in this letter the claims of the applicants to receive information they have ordered (which concerns their violated rights)is being officially dismissed.

The Ministry refused to furnish the applicants with a copy of a required document to which references are made in discrimination acts of the local authorities on stopping Belarusian-language education in Zhodzina and forcing Russian-language one.

It’s sad to believe but facts make us realize that responsible officials of this higher establishment also are tied into lawless decisions made in Zhodzina and the fact that by the order of the head of Town Education department of the Ministry of Education T.Danilievich Belarusian-speaking teenager in Zhordzina from the beginning of 2009 is being deprived of his right for education in Belarusian language.

(in Belarusian and Russian languages):

Казімір Фарына

Kazimir Faryna

1) Appeal from 05.03.2010 to the Minister of Education of Belarus M.Radzkou
2) Replies from 20.03.2010 and 17.02.2010 from deputy minister K.Faryna

Ales Volny
Belarusian Legal Portal

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