2010 09/04
Сьвятлана Лапіцкая

Sviatlana Lapickaja

In the beginning if the fourth term parents of Yanka Lapitsky addressed principal of Gymnasium #1 Gennadz Karshun and the local Town Educational Department and executive committee.

Once again they ask officials to solve the situation in which their son doesn’t have the opportunity to study in the framework of gymnasium program with English specialization in Belarusian language. They want their son to study in the educational establishment – the only gymnasium in Zhodzina district.

In the letter to Gymnasium Aliaksiey Lapitsky and Sviatlana Lapitskaya requested credits results of every term in subjects which show decline of Yan’s performance. And it declines because the teenager in fact doesn’t have a full-quality education since the beginning of school year. In connection with this and also referring to the fact that the educational establishment had some “budget savings” for three months because of liquidation of Belarusian class, parents of Yan Lapitsky ask administration of Gymnasium to solicit authorities and founders of the educational establishment for renewing a full value education in Belarusian language.

At the same time Aliaksiey Lapitsky spoke out concern and a great regret about the fact that promises of the first vice-chairman of Zhodzina executive committee Yury Shary remained promises. On 24.02.2010 the official promised at the session of commission of juvenile affairs of executive committee to solve the problem.

-Today we just loose time in the situation when officials do nothing to liquidate this artificially created problem. Moreover rights are still being violated and the administration of Gymnasium #1 as if not noticing the problem pretends that it doesn’t understand the core of our position and our claims. Meanwhile the process of isolation of Belarusian-speaking pupil from other pupils and teachers progresses and deepens.

It’s been already eight months since Belarusian-speaking pupil Yan Lapitsky is taken away the specially chosen gymnasium education in mother tongue and isn’t allowed to visit classes in this gymnasium. In this way as a result of active actions of authorities of Zhodzina, a total outliving of Belarusian language form the system of gymnasium education is happening. Moreover, not a single class with Belarusian language is left in ordinary schools of “BelAZ city”, not a single pupil can get a qualified secondary-level education in mother tongue.

Meanwhile it becomes also quite problematic to solve the problem through court.

On 08.04.2010 Yan’s parents receive a reply from Justice Department of Minsk executive committee on their appeal about gross manipulations with procedural documents and terms in Zhodzina court.

Let’s remind you that after a purposeful re-characterization of the parents’ suit into claim about actions of executive committee and denial to consider the appeal in substance of the declared violation of right to study in Belarusian language in Gymnasium #1 of Zhodzina, and also about disappearance form the court case an important procedural document (which is in fact a falsification of the case documents: minutes of the court) the parents had to address correspondent institutions to protect their rights for a faithful court case.

The answer which the Lapitskies got in a month and a half didn’t evaluate the situation in a proper way and the applicants will litigate it duly. The applicants also state with regret that this denial to notice such violations show that the instrument of right-defending is inactive and that it turns into an institution for defending interests of the corrupted ruling clan. The supremacy of “corporation and ideological interests and covering each other’s backs” among the ruling nomenclature in administrative-executive structures of the power vertical doesn’t give a chance to hope that the problem will be solved soon and the violated right for education in mother tongue will be defended in a fair court proceeding. In these conditions it’s impossible to get any positive result in short terms.

All this created situation as if shows that neither Constitution, nor Law but “only correctly ideologically oriented high official of the vertical” is “law and rights” for citizenry. Only he without punishment can violate civil rights and renew them just by his wish.

That’s why neither Prosecutor’s office, nor court don’t execute their functions correctly. They just exist for other purposes and they can exhibit their professional adequacy only after a correspondent order from the above. They have been already taught, they know their place near their real master.

Corrupted authorities don’t deceive their “friends” into the arms of justice. And the lack of proper juridical system takes away the least hope that court which is in fact financed by “corrupted regime” from national budget will act against this stable and corrupted unity.

In such conditions one can’t speak about the possibility of fair trial (out-of-court, and court) for defence of violated rights.

Attachments in Belarusian and Russian languages:

Copy of the claim to Gymnasium #1 from 06.04.2010

Complaint to the Justice Department of Minsk executive committee

Answer from the Justice Department of Minsk executive committee

Ales Volny

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