2008 19/12

КРАМА - заўсёды ЗА БЕЛАРУСЬ!Zhodzina party bosses of the pro-Lukashenka Belarusian Republican Youth Union (BRSM) seem to oppose Belarusian as such. They do not understand why a schoolchild may choose to dance to Belarusian-language music at a Christmas party.

Anyway, the fact is that the schoolmasters of Gymnasium #1, steered by the BRSM town office ideologists, impose ban on organizing a Belarusian-language Christmas school dancing party. Will this be followed by any reaction by the Ministry of Education?

The situation in Belarusian high schools leaves much to be desired, for Belarusian-speaking pupils and their parents are strongly opposed by the pro-BRSM school administration, resulting in numerous bans on Belarusian-language educational and cultural activities.

In his reply to the application, gymnasium schoolmaster Karshun alleged the improper premises condition, thus putting a ban on the plans to hold a Christmas dancing party inside the school. Besides, he said that the event ‘was not on the schedule of the 2008 Christmas activities’ and mentioned ‘the inexpediency of the party based on a public inquiry’.

Meanwhile, during a telephone conversation with one of the applicants of the event, Aliaksei Lapitski, Schoolmaster Karshun said that it was the BRSM officials within the school that opposed Belarusian-language activities.

As a result of ‘the anti-Belarusian demarche’, causing open discrimination of Belarusian-speaking pupils, the parents of Yanka Lapitski, Aliaksei and Sviatlana Lapitskis addressed the Minister of Education Aliaksandr Radzkou and head of Minsk Region Educational Department Taisa Danilevich with a request to investigate into the matter. (see the attached materials)

Time will show whether the Lapitskis will manage to protect their right ‘to be Belarusian in Belarus’ or fail to oppose the anti-Belarusian management of Gymnasium #1 in Zhodzina.

However, their repeated unwillingness to react to the flagrant discrimination of language rights in Zhodzina (the applicants had addressed the Ministry of Education before) shows that the seemingly local issues is turning into a nation-wide problem of systematic violations of language rights, based on an anti-Belarusian state ideology policy, depriving Belarusian citizens of their right to free opinion, personal and civil dignity, and consciousness.

Supplementary materials (Belarusian and Russian):

  1. Application to Gymnasium #1 of 25.11.08
  2. Application to the Ministry of Education of Belarus and Minsk Region Educational Department of 25.11.08
  3. Latest reply by Gymnasium #1 Schoolmaster of 11.12.08
  4. Latest repeat application to the Ministry of Education of Belarus and Minsk Region Educational Department of 18.12.08

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