2010 06/02
Адзьдзел Адукацыі, Жодзіна

Zhodzina Town Department of Education

On 10.02.2010 is due the next scheduled meeting of Zhodzina Court on the complaint by the parents of Yanka Lapitski against the misdeeds of the officials of the executive committee of Zhodzina who ceased Belarusian-language education of their son at Gymnasium № 1 of Zhodzina.

Meanwhile, on 04.02.2010 Yanka Lapitski’s parents received a letter from the school, dated 14.01.2010. As can be seen, the correspondence was strangely unable to reach the address in Zhodzina for entire 20 days (!?).

The letter notes that the administration of Gymnasium № 1 of Zhodzina are encouraged to enroll their son in a Russian-language class under decision № 928 by the town’s executive committee of 23.06.2009.

As an alternative, the boy was offered Belarusian-language training at home (in case certified by an appropriate medical examination) or individual education.

The practice of the first half of 2009 school year showed that the administration of school were not keeping their word and did everything possible to eliminate the last real Belarusian-language environment at gymnasium in Zhodzina. All the principle agreements between the parents and the Director of Gymnasium № 1 Henadz Karshun were within a week of training violated. The youth could not resume his studies even after the necessary statements by the parents were submitted. Despite receiving a written confirmation from the Ministry of Education (Deputy Minister Kazimir Faryno) and a special Decree № 417 of the Commission on Juvenile Affairs of Zhodzina town education department ordering to ensure in the 5-day period the continuation of the student’s Belarusian-language learning in Gymnasium № 1, the administration refused to restore the Belarusian-language education process on the premises of the school.

Despite this, in a letter received by Yanka’s parents on 04.02.2010, director of Gymnasium № 1 Karshun said that by preventing the training of their son, they violated Art. 17 of the Law on the Rights of the Child, Article 3 and 51 of the Law on Education.

After receiving the document, Alexei LAPITSKI addressed the director with another statement in which he asked to restore education in Belarusian in the full format at the gymnasium under the previous high school curriculum with a specialization in English. He also demanded to stop discriminatory pressure on the parents and the student and ensure the realization of constitutional law in calm conditions.

It should be noted that in violation of the right to education and the Law on citizens’ appeals the high school administration failed to provide a response to the parents’ statement filed back in 2009. Surprisingly, the prosecutor’s office failed to establish the on the grounds that there allegedly were notes on the responses made (!?).

On 05.02.2010, after registering the first in the 2010 statement to the director of the gymnasium, Aliaksei LAPITSKI had a talk with him about the prospects for resuming the teaching of his Belarusian-speaking son in the gymnasium № 1 of Zhodzina.

According to Aliaksei LAPITSKI, he was surprised that having invited him to talk, the director of Gymnasium № 1 behaved as if he already knew the results of the consideration of the appeal submitted by parents to the Court of Zhodzina (!?).

Furthermore, he openly declared to the human rights defender that his son would have continued to gradually learn on, as it had been before, but for his socio-political activity.

Дырэктар, Генадзь Каршун

Director, Henadz Karshun

Thus, Henadz Karshun admitted that the Lapitskis were under deliberate administrative pressure, the minor Yanka being the victim of this bullying.

Moreover, the director openly declared that he had decided not to implement the opportunity voiced by Deputy Minister of Education of Belarus Kazimir Faryno and did not intend to resume the training of Yanka at Gymnasium № 1 in Zhodzina even after the relevant regulations were adopted by the Resolution № 417 of the Commission on Minors of 20.10.2009. For the noted opportunity offered by the Deputy Minister of Education was not a mandatory requirement for the school administration. “I am free to decide whether to implement it or not”, – noted the director.

All this was declared despite the parents’ statements and request, the actual formal permission for the continuation of education by the Ministry of Education, as well as a special Decree № 417 of the Commission on Juvenile Affairs of Zhodzina executive committee on the need to restore the Belarusian-language educational process in the school premises … (!?)

Director of Zhodzina Gymnasium № 1 Henadz Karshun clarified his position. He believes that the Resolution № 417 dealt exclusively with executives of Zhodzina Town Department of Education, and not him personally, as head of an educational institution, where it was ordered to restore the Belarusian-language education process. “I have not received any proper written instructions from Zhodzina TDE for continuation of education in the Belarusian language in the school,” – noted the director.

Аляксей Лапіцкі

Alaksiej Lapicki

In response, Aliaksei Lapitski only said that he was surprised to hear all this. Because, due to the fact that the officials who have high state authority and the respective responsibilities of the citizens, are confused in their own officials paper and ambition and completely replaced the obligation to fulfill the guaranteed Constitutional right – his Belarusian-speaking son was denied the inalienable right to education – with ideological expediency.

And this no doubt should not be blamed on their political views, beliefs or human rights activity of the parents of Yanka, but the shameful and alien to Belarus ideological doctrine of the governing political regime aimed at suppression of these beliefs, with a view to restrict civil and political rights, to destroy and isolate of every Belarusian national element.

Its aides, clearly and openly violating the law by the persecution of dissidents, civil activists or political opponents, can now enjoy celebrating their superiority and integrity, impunity from law.

But the celebrating will not last forever. And when the law of truth and right begins to operate – everyone will answer for the offences committed and get what they deserve…

Ales Volny,

Belarusian Legal Portal,


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