2010 17/04
Л.Ярмошына, ЦВК (Менск)

Lidziya Yarmoshyna, Central Election Commission (Мiеnsk)

On April 9 “Belarusian Helsinki Committee” directed an appeal to the Central Election Commission and asked to explain which way counting of votes by every member of district commission must be carried out. The question was raised because Election code establishes procedure of counting votes by the members of Election Commission but it doesn’t establish a certain way of counting votes and doesn’t establishes the way duties are distributed between members of the commission during such counting.

Quoting reports of BHC observers, practically very often such way is used: every member of the commission counts a certain part of votes and later reports the results to the chairman of the commission. Then the result numbers are summed up and the final numbers are written into the final protocol. It appears that at such way of counting votes members of the commission don’t see the whole process of polling and they can only be responsible for those votes which they counted themselves and in this case they just don’t have any right to sign final protocol because they just didn’t see the results which are written there.

BHC considers that at this way of counting votes the principal of collegiality which is described if the Election Code isn’t realized. According to the opinion of lawyers of BHC, a proper level of transparency could be provided in the case if every member of district election commission would take part in a general calculation of votes and would have a direct possibility to study every ballot paper with marks of people.

On April 15 BHC received an answer from the chairman of CEC Lidia Yarmoshyna. It is written in the letter that “the question doesn’t need any further detailed regulation…, because in every commission it is solved taking into account the amount of work, quantity of electors and members of commissions, work experience and so on”.

This is a very surprising position of Central Election Commission about such important point of Election legislation as the counting of votes because the more important goal of this organ is guarantee of providing truthful elections.

In connection with this we can only ask a rhetorical question: do members of district election commissions realize that such way of counting votes makes them potential associate of possible falsifications of elections’ results which is a crime according to the present Criminal Code?

“Human rights defenders for free elections”

Quoting spring96.org,
Ales LETA,

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