2010 20/05
Міхал Пастухоў, Менск

Mikhail Pastuhov, Мiеnsk

It is almost impossible to register a new independent social and political periodical given the current political climate in Belarus. As recently as yesterday, the representatives of regional newspapers, which had been refused to be registered, successfully received permission to have an audience which included first deputy of Minister of Information, Lilija Ananich. However, the meeting did not produce a positive outcome for the journalists. The Belarusian journalists association’ lawyer, doctor of law, professor Mikhail Pastuhov comments the situation.

According to Pastuhov, registration limits the work of mass media. This process itself is quiet complicated, long and contradicts principles of freedom of speech. Belarusian authorities refuse to register periodicals by referring to the law on mass media, and to the supplemental subordinate legislation. The last ones [supplemental subordinate legislation] virtually disaffirm some provisions of the law and bring additional requirements to the registration of newspapers.

– As a result, instead of trying to achieve legitimacy and justice, though these attempts should not be stopped in current situation, this problem can be solved much easier – by simply revoking the registration, – Mikhail Pastuhov offers.

Pastuhov believes that the state should have limited control of mass media. However, only in cases where journalists violate current legislation. This is what he thinks the principle of legality is.

According to spring96.org,

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