2008 20/10

Дзень правоў чалавекаOn October 20, the Legal Initiative Homel office announced the beginning of an essay contest dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The contest is meant for schoolchildren and university students of Homel, willing to write works covering the subjects of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in everyday life and human rights in Belarus.

The jury is awaiting students’ works ‘asserting the principles of respect towards human rights and freedoms, universal human values provided by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other domestic and international treaties.’ The works are supposed to reflect a contemporary vision on human rights and freedoms, means of their protection, their relation to the objectives of developing a constitutional state and the formation of civil society in Belarus.

‘We would especially be glad to receive works dealing with the work of governmental and non-governmental human rights organizations’, said one of the organizers of the contest.

Students are welcome to share their views on human rights in the form of an essay or a report and send them in by December 10.

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