2010 27/04
Яўген Гарыд, Жодзінскі ГАА

Yauhen Haryd, Zhodzina ECED

They don’t react on claims of Yanka Lapitsky’s relatives to renew education in gymnasium in Belarusian language.

For this reason the relatives of Belarusian speaking school boy decided to ask for help in this Zhodina problem from the head of Union of Belarusian Language (UBL) n.a. F.Skaryna – Aleh Trusau.

They ask the governing body of this well-known and authoritative organization which aims to spread Belarusian language in all life spheres of Belarus to show solidarity and address the Minister of Education of Belarus Aliaksandr Radzkou (who actually doesn’t answer parents’ claims much) and also to help stop discrimination pressure and interfering in education process of their Belarusian-speaking son in educational establishments of Zhodzina.

Today the promises to renew education in Gymnasium #1 weren’t realized. These promises were given by the vice-chairman of Zhodzina executive committee Yury Shary at the meeting of Commission of juvenile affairs two months ago. Belarusian teenager is still being offered education in Russian-speaking class or to study at home as an alternative.

Inactivity and helplessness of local authorities in this conflict situation which was artificially created by the local ruling powers and the “alternative” for Belarusian-speaking education in Zhodzina (with 60 thousand people population) do really impress. Especially if you know that before this problem the Belarusian-speaking pupil studied successfully according to the gymnasium program with English language specialization. And starting from the 8th year after the forced liquidation (without sanction of relatives and the pupil) of the last Belarusian-speaking mini-class in a whole region (Zhodzina, Smaliavichy, Smaliavichy district – population about 120 thousand people) he was strongly recommended to study in his native language independently – rudely at home, isolated from teachers’ and other pupils’ society (!?).

Yan’s relatives – Aliaksiey and Sviatlana Lapitskies note: “This suggestion is completely unacceptable, because it totally denies continuation of the quality gymnasium type of education which was chosen in the beginning”.
So we can state that Belarusian teenager, gymnasium pupil wasn’t offered any equal Belarusian-speaking alternative in Zhodzina.

The parents also consider the suggestion of further education in Russian-speaking class with an elective course of Belarusian language lawless and non-professional.

The situation demands not an advanced study of the mother tongue as a subject, but a possibility to proceed a quality gymnasium educational course in the native language – Belarusian.

Moreover, nobody has the right to make a forced assignment, change or imposing neither of type, nor of a language of education. Such problems mustn’t be solved from the position of force in a form of orders, especially when they are obviously ignored by constitutional rights of citizens and violate norms of the working legislation.

It’s a totally dead-end approach. It ruins legislative field and provokes public protest. Acts accepted that way are not fully legitimate and don’t have full juridical power. But little officials pay attention to such aspects in Zhodzina. And this very fact hasn’t been allowing solving the problem for already 8 months. Meanwhile at a total inactivity of the local authorities and officials responsible for education, the citizens are deprived the right of choosing type and language of education for their son in Zhodzina and have to suffer from discrimination pressure and different groundless losses.

It appears that the state instead of cultivation of mother tongue, creating grounds for its full use in upbringing and in all levels of education, creates completely unacceptable conditions and obvious barriers for people who prefer Belarusian way and choose what is native to them – Belarusian.

No one knows what ideological attitude and logic they have but officials behave totally sure and cynic when violating constitutional rights exactly when it comes for national and cultural peculiarities of the Belarusians and values of their state’s independence, common standards of public and political law, democratic freedoms. In our case instead of support and priority established by law Belarusian language is purposely forced to stay under “house arrest” and this way it actually is being taken away the status of official state language.

We can observe this shameful process in Zhodzina – the world-known town of BelAZ. Here the authorities openly refuse to duplicate names of the streets in Belarusian when street signs are being changed. And even in this situation the violations are motivated very simply – lack of budget sources for Belarusian… (!!?)

As far as the fight for the last shelter for Belarusian language in the system of gymnasium education in Zhodzina is concerned, there are still no positive results. At the beginning of the forth academic term the parents of Yanka Lapitsky strongly asked Zhodina Executive Committee, Executive Committee Education Department and Gymnasium #1 to agree among one each other and ask higher establishments (Central Administration of Education of Minsk executive committee, T. Danilievich; Ministry of Education of Belarus, A. Radzkou) to let the local functionaries finish the necessary gymnasium education for the Belarusian-speaking pupil using the savings which they got from taking away a full quality education from a teenager. The parents ask power vertical officials to give the teenager an opportunity to improve the level of his knowledge and academic performance to high grades which he had duriZodzinЖодзінскі ГААng his normal education in the educational establishment and correspondent course attestation.

New appeal of Yan Lapitsky’s parents to the authorities is necessary because the officials simply demonstratively refuse to solve this language-educational problem taking into account the real state of things and demands of simple legislative and organizational logic.

Moreover, the officials use absurd and lawless outbursts aimed to put further pressure on parents of Belarusian-speaking teenager in stead of solving the problem.

It is all done in the atmosphere of constant blackmail and discrimination pressure with threats of further administrative pursuit and is aimed to force citizens to deny their natural national essence and correspondent beliefs, mother tongue and constitutional right.

Генадзь Каршун, Гімназыя №1

Henadz Karshun

Thus, another order of the principal of Gymnasium #1 (referring to collegiality of the decision which was accepted by the teachers’ council) disfigures the position of claimers as though on the grounds of claimers’ appeal (!?) and decrees to educate the teenager not on the base of Gymnasium #1, but at home, independently and isolated form society.

It’s even hard to think what this situation does resemble. The thing is that all people on whom something depends in vertical power subordination in fact don’t have any duties to the community, to the citizens of towns and villages and to Belarusian nation.

They all were nominated on their posts from a power vertical. They don’t care what all humiliated citizens, especially Belarusian-speaking would think or feel. They just care to execute orders from their direct superiors or something which doesn’t raise any ideological questions.

Officials usually stay mute in such situations and refuse to make a single movement to solve a problem which was created from scratch.

When meeting with Aliaksiey Lapitsky the head of Zhodzina ECED Yauhen Haryd stated confirmed that he didn’t even think to solicit for positive solution of the problem in the end of the academic year in front of ruling authorities.

“Why do I have to solicit? I have the decision of Executive Committee and I don’t need anything else…”, – noted Haryd at the short meeting with Yanka’s father.

So you get the steady impression that violation of rights of Belarusian citizens (especially Belarusian-speaking ones) is a secret understanding or even duty for a today’s “unchanged nomenclature”.

So, in fact, local denationalized and totally disoriented in “allied network” vertical power set up “war” with Zhodzina “Belarusianness” and degrades permanently and fast. And today it is seen with an unaided eye that by ignoring unalienable rights of citizenry vertical power turns into a totally criminal and corrupted association. And for a successful self-preserve of ruling power it has to put pressure on activists of public associations and to suppress freedoms and initiative of citizenry.

And together with all this the ruling power can’t decide in which country is situates now, what priorities and values is preserves, for what goals it works (except keeping power, of course). And automatically, by the “inertness of inner fight” and by a custom to control totally and destroy any public initiative, it continues such a discrimination mockery and destruction of any (even the least) showings of Belarusianness in Belarus. It’s a non-stop and direct mockery at all “others” for power and electorate (who think and speak other way…). It is a mockery at those who don’t fit a usual notion of “people” (it means mute and obedient virtual electoral mass that is operated by the single and unwinnable “head of the country” who got his “imperial powers” from “his people”).

In such conditions when citizenry (real but not virtual) is lacking an opportunity to influence a situation through electoral mechanisms which are also fully subjected to authoritarian regime, a citizen is being deprived his public and political right of free choice. In these conditions he turns from a subject of the right to a subject of the manipulation, lies and discrimination violence.

The last “elections” and a scrupulous preparation for them with different purpose cleanings of the political field, demonstrated that a safe “fake electoral mechanism” is created in the country. And the approved nomenclature “list of vertical men” (from secret ruling power party) guarantees itself a place “on Olympus” of authoritarian, non-alternative political ruling regime which acts in the country according to its “rules and notions”. And Belarusian electorate known as a frequently used notion “people” – ignorant and purchasable (cheaply of just for free because of being in love with an irresistible “television fighter-protector”) – will silently do everything what chiefs will “emphatically ask” for “national necessity” and what the state of humiliation and despair will thrust forward…

Just let war not happen!

That’s how we live – by the rules of “peaceful existence” and in “love and understanding”… And protecting our beloved state protectors and patrons. But it appears that there is nobody to speak for Belarusian people in Belarus and its problems.

Problems of ordinary citizens are waiting to be solved. And here you won’t be able to skip real conscious choice, not the fake one. Only honestly elected and responsible authorities both representative-legislative and executive are worth people and they listen to people, understand them and solve their problems in the country.

Only ruling powers like this in fact not in words are a real power of people and for people. It is able not to create unsolvable problems for its own citizens, it respects and protects their rights and freedoms, it builds democratic society in a European cozy Belarusian home – free and democratic Belarus.
1) Answer from Zhodzina ECED of 20.04.2010 ( (similar answers are from Gymnasium #1 and from Executive Committee);

2) Last appeals of parents for help of 19-27.04.2010: – to UBL n.a. F.Skaryna and to ruling authorities (Gynmasium #1 and Executive Committee)

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