2010 12/05


Today in Geneva Human Rights Council will take up the report of the government of the Republic of Belarus about human rights situation in the country in the framework of Universal periodic review – a new mechanism of UNO for human rights defense. An alternative report on the situation in Belarus was prepared by several Belarusian human rights organizations.

Human rights centre “Viasna”, Belarusian Helsinki Committee, Belarusian Association of Journalists, Assembly of non-governmental organizations and also international organizations prepared this document. Let’s remind you that Universal periodic review held by the Human Rights Council of UNO is an annual report of 192 countries-members of UNO about how international human rights norms are fulfilled.

On the authority of “Radio Svaboda” ,“Belarusian human rights defenders stated violations of human rights according to 15 points: freedom of mass media, independent court system, activity of non-governmental organizations and many other.

This year Minsk prepared its report which differed greatly from the report of human rights defenders, says the head of BHC Aleh Hulak: “Honestly speaking I was surprised that this report didn’t fit modern approaches to the problem. I was expecting out state to reach the level on which one can speak adequately about existing problems. Because it’s not serious to pretend that the problem doesn’t exist at all. And the main thing is not in which state the country is now, but it’s important that the country would want to improve the situation. And now we don’t know for sure if we see these changes”.

The recommendations how to improve the situation with human rights in Belarus human rights defenders have put to the document and gave to authorities and international human rights organizations. The document is arranged under 52 heads.

Materials of Belarusian NGO prepared for Universal periodic review of Belarus in the UNO Human Rights Council (ru.).

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