2009 23/11
Raman Kislak

Raman Kislak

Three Brest activists Iryna Laurouskaya, Raman Kisliak and Dzianis Turchyniak have submitted their individual complaints to the UN Human Rights Committee.

The activists claim that their rights to free expression and peaceful assembly have been violated. They also say they have faced discrimination due to their beliefs and abuses of judicial procedures, naming it an outrage against their right to a fair trial.

‘In case the Committee decides that the citizens’ rights were violated, Brest city authorities will have stop the practice of forcing civil activities to the outskirts Lakamatyu stadium’, says Raman Kisliak.

In January 2009 Iryna Laurouskaya, Raman Kisliak and Dzianis Turchyniak attempted to apply for holding a series of pickets in downtown Brest. However, all of the applications were turned down by the city authorities. They later appealed the decisions judicially. Still, the judges would take the side of the executive power.

Source: Chartetr97.org

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