2010 05/01
Малады Фротн, Менск

The Belarusian youth organization Young Front that is registered in Czech intends to hold another constituent assembly at the end of January and again apply to the Ministry of Justice of Belarus for registration. Bear in mind that since 2000 the ministry five times refused to register the organization.

According to Nasta Loika, head of the juridical department of Young Front, the organization filed ten applications to various institutions with the aim to rent premises for its assembly. In particular, such applications were filed to the Culture House of Veterans, Culture House of Trade Unions, House of Literary Workers and Minsk International Educational Center (IBB).

IBB was the first to react. According to Nasta Loika, in a telephone conversation a representative of the center stated that the premises couldn’t be lent to Young Front neither for the specified day (30 January) nor for any other day.

’When I asked him to send a written answer with motivation of the decision, I was told that the German side had nothing against the constituent assembly, but Minsk city executive committee that is co-owner of the building, didn’t give its permission,’ said Nasta Loika.

As a result, Young Front filed to IBB the demand to give a written answer to the application. Otherwise the young activists can file a lawsuit against the center.

Source: Belarusian Regional News.

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