2010 18/02
Сяргей Гоўша, Баранавічы

Siarhei Housha, Baranavichy

On 17 February, human rights defender Siarhei Housha, observer of the Belarusian Language Society in the Baranavichy city election commission, lodged a complaint with he Baranavichy prosecutor I.Palyka concerning the determination of the places for agitation by the Baranavichy city executive committee (CEC).

Bear in mind that the Baranavichy CEC determined only one place for it – the 50-hoddzia ULKSM Park.

In his complaint Mr. Housha claims that this place is completely covered with snow and there are no grounds where people could stand and agitate for their candidates. Moreover, it is a lonely place and a passer-by walks there once in 40-45 minutes. The old park reminds of a forest covered with 50-santimeter level of snow. There are no park amusements there – they were transferred somewhere closer to the city center long ago. There are no grounds and people don’t walk there. The Baranavichy CEC is well aware of this fact. ‘How can anyone agitate there?’ asks Siarhei Housha in the text of the complaint. He states that such conditions of work violate the rights of pretenders to candidates and electors.

Furthermore, in his complaint the human rights defender states that by its decision on banning picketing in certain places, the Baranavichy CEC deprived the candidates of the opportunity to work with the electorate. From the appropriate ruling of the CEC it follows that candidates could do it only in lonely places, which is a violation of the rights of candidates to meet and talk with electors. Referring to the aforementioned facts and being guided by Aticle 49.1 of the Election Code, Siarhei Housha asks the prosecutor to take the appropriate measures of prosecutorial reaction within the legally established term (3 days) and ensure the realization of the electors’ rights during the election campaign.

Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections

Photo: Ales`, 2009 (BRP: by.prava-by.info)

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