2010 10/03
Іван Міхайлаў

Іvan Mihajlau

The College board of the Minsk oblast court has studied the cassation appeal of Ivan Mikhailau, imprisoned for alleged draft evasion.

It has been decided to find the ruling of the Minsk district court unlawful, and release Ivan Mikhailau from Zhodzina prison on recognizance until the new trial of the case.

Bear in mind that Mikhailau, member of the Jewish Messianic congregation New Covenant, was detained in Salihorsk. On 15 December a criminal case for ‘draft evasion’ (Article 435.1 of the Criminal Code) was instigated against him. The young man refused to go to military service as it contradicts his religious believes, and he demanded to offer him civil service under Article 57 of the Constitution of Belarus.

Amnesty International recognized Ivan Mikhailau a prisoner of conscience.

The term of detention of Ivan Mikhailau was to end on 15 May. However, judges decided to release him on recognizance. The date of the new trial is to be announced later.

Source: Charter`97.

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