2010 13/03
Сяргей Гоўша, Баранавічы

Siarhei Housha, Baranavichy

On 12 March, the member of the Belarusian Popular Front Siarhei Housha addressed Viktar Dzichkouski, Chairperson of the Baranavichy city executive committee, with a letter in which he wrote that he had been present at the historical sitting of the executive committee, at which the composition of 66 precinct election commissions consisting of 685 persons were adopted without the announcement and discussion of any the candidacies. The number of the applications on nomination of persons to the precinct commissions, the surnames of the nominees and those who were included in the commissions weren’t announced either.

Siarhei Housha informs the officials that his a member of the BPF Party, has a higher education, used to be a deputy of the Brest oblast Soviet of Deputies and has a good command of the Election Code of the Republic of Belarus, but was not included in a precinct commission for the reasons that are unknown to him. Therefore he asks to give him an answer to the questions: 1) What are the reasons for his non-inclusion in precinct election commission #24? 2) What are the criteria for the formation of the commission? 3) How many applications were received for nomination of representatives to the commission, where do the nominees work, what parties they belong to and what experience of electoral work do they have?

Representatives of the press, the local TV Channel Intex, representatives of parties and civil organizations weren’t invited to the sitting of the executive committee. ‘Are the elections to local Soviets of Deputies so unimportant in the socio-political life of Baranavichy that they don’t need media coverage?,’ asks Mr. Housha.

According to spring96.org,
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