2010 23/03
Паказальныя ўмовы для агітацыі (Магілеў)

Unbelievable is close by - the official shelter for ... democracy (Mahiliou)

Mahiliou city executive committee released a list of canvassing locations, with only one site available for public electoral events, making an unfortunate ‘misprint’ in the building’s address – the decision names 64 Chaliuskintsau (a 4-storied block of flats adjoined by the local death care service), instead of 64A Chaliuskintsau (traditional place of authorized street events in the Kuibyshev Artificial Fiber Factory Palace of Culture).

Local human rights activist Barys Bukhel called the location ‘a reservation of the democrats.’ ‘The building is an accident waiting to happen. It is being reconstructed now and one cannot enter it. The local authorities should not have determined the location. We will try to make the city executive committee allocate another building for the candidates. We are going to lodge complaints with the city executive committee, the regional executive committee and the Central Election Commission,’ said Mr. Bukhel.

‘Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections’

According to spring96.org,

Ales` LETA,

BPP, by.prava-by.info

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