2010 02/04
Станоўчы выпадак, Баранавічы

On 1 April the Brest regional territorial election commission considered at its sitting the complaints of the people who hadn’t been registered as candidate for deputies by the Baranavichy city election commission on 25 March. The city election commission also refused to consider the complaints of the electors who had signed in support of the candidate Dzmitry Auhust, against abuses of members of the commission.

The independent nominee Dzmitry Auhust managed to prove at the sitting of the regional election commission that the Baranavichy city election commission had forged documents during the verification of signatures in his support. His convincing arguments and decisiveness in the defense of his position made the Brest regional election commission to reverse the decision of the Baranavichy commission and register his candidacy at the Baranavichy election constituency #20.

At the same time, the Brest regional election commission didn’t grant the complaints of Viktar Tsiapin, member of the Belarusian Party of Leftists Fair World; Ryhor Hryk, representative of the For Freedom movement; Aleh Malashchanka, member of the unregistered party Belarusian Christian Democracy; and Mikalai Charnavus, non-partisan. All unregistered candidates disagree with the decisions of the Brest regional election commission and intend to appeal them at the regional court.

Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections

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