2010 21/05
Асамблея НДА Беларусі

Асамблея НДА Беларусі

The Assembly of Pro-Democratic NGOs of Belarus has released an official statement, urging the authorities to put an end to mass harassment of the ‘Havary Praudu’ activists.

‘The absurd actions by the authorities used against the activists of the ‘Havary Praudu’ civil campaign indicate to the regime’s nervousness towards the scenario of the forthcoming presidential election,’ says the statement.

‘The hysterical reaction by the authorities took form of numerous violations of procedural standards. There is a risk that the deterioration of working conditions for civil activities will throw the country back in its development.’

‘The Assembly’s Executive Board expresses its deep concern over the begging of repressive activities against the future participants of the election and considers the harassment of the ‘Havary Praudu’ activists a perilous symptom of the authorities’ pre-election hysteria.’

Source: Assembly of Pro-democratic NGOs.

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