2010 14/06
Зьміцер Салаўёў, Наваполацак

Zmicier Salaujou, Navapolatsak

Human rights defender Zmitser Salauyou received an answer to his complaint to the Navapolatsk Town Procuracy, signed by prosecutor A.Ausiuk. Mr. Salauyou states that the facts that are set forth in this letter are a provocation.

In his address to the procuracy, Zmitser Salauyou complained about the actions of the police officers who had searched his office within the guidelines of a criminal case that was instigated under Article 341 of the Criminal Code and concerned the appearance of neo-Nazi graffiti in Navapolatsk.

The human rights defender point at the false information that is presented in the prosecutor’s answer:

‘A number of persons were questioned on this case. One of them witnessed that about two years ago he had got acquainted with the guys who proposed him to become a member of the Young Front. The office of the organization was located in Alimpiyskaya Street, 2 in Navapolatsk, on the ground floor, left to the entrance. It was a room with several tables, a computer, many books and flags of different states. (…) In autumn he drew a swastika on the outward wall of the office.’

Mr. Salauyou underlines that there was no Young Front base in his office since 2003, when he got the premises.

‘Yes, youngsters frequently gather there, but there was no Young Front. Activists often come here, including members of the BPF Youth and those who deal with cultural activities.

In fact, this is a complete nonsense. They don’t look for the neo-Nazi who had really drawn swastikas around the city. I have received three denials to instigate criminal proceedings on such facts due to the alleged ‘absence of corpus delicti’ in their actions. Now they are just trying to fabricate a case for the reasons that are unknown to me. I cannot understand why the procuracy and the police don’t catch these neo-Nazi and create problems to other people instead of it. Thus, they are just trying to besmear and label us. This situation reminds me of 1937, when people could be just called spies and shot in the back of the head right away,’ says Zmitser.

The human rights defender considers this situation as a pure provocation and is going to complain to the procuracy. He also can apply to international instances will it be necessary.

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