Feb 07

Homel member of the For Freedom movement Uladzimer Katsora addressed the state bodies with the requirement of the fulfillment of the UN Human Rights Committee decision concerned the reactivation of the Civil Initiatives public association. One of the appeals was directed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is directly responsible for the actions of […]

Mar 24

Administrative punishments for exercising right to peaceful assembly and expression of opinion in Belarus continues.

Feb 28

Legislation severely restricting freedoms of expression, association and peaceful assembly remained in place. Journalists continued to face harassment.

Jan 28

As the author to the Belarusian deputies Ales Dzerhachou notes, “The constitutional right of Belarusians to defend their rights through international organizations such as the UN Human Rights Committee, will remain only “the postal service”.

Jan 11

The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) has written to the Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs Uladzimir Makei urging the government to respect the country’s international obligations within the framework of the United Nations and to take steps to implement key requirements of the Human Rights Committee in the case of Ales Bialiatski, including the […]

Jan 16

Politicians Siarhiej Kaliakin and Viktar Karneenka, in favor of whom the UN made a decision, demand from minister of foreign affairs Uladzimier Makej to take measures directed to reconsider the application on state registration of established human rights civil organization “For Free Elections”. An appeal about revision of the case upon delivery of new facts […]

Oct 28

The UN Special Rapporteuron Belarus, Miklos Haraszti on October 28 presented his report on the situationin the countrywithin the framework ofthe 69 thsession of theUN General Assembly.

Oct 28

In his speech at the Forum on October 26, deputy head of the Human Rights Center “Viasna” spoke about the human rights developments in Belarus since the previous Forum in 2010. Three years have passed since the previous Human Rights Forum in September 2010. How has the situation of human rights changed during the time?

May 28

On 24 May 2012, human rights defender Mr Oleg Volchek was arrested and detained by police, and sentenced to nine days of administrative imprisonment. Oleg Volchek is a prominent human rights lawyer and director of the non-governmental organisation Pravovaya pomoshch naseleniyu (Legal Aid to Population), which was closed down by the Belarusian authorities in 2003.

Sep 16

P7_TA-PROV(2011)0392 Belarus: arrest of Ales Bialatski, human rights defender PE472.677 European Parliament resolution of 15 September 2011 on Belarus: the arrest of human rights defender Ales Bialatski

Dec 03

More that a half of cases from Belarusian citizens examined by European Court of Human Rights is about extradition. This article is a review of such kind of claims which were not examined by European Court. The Court was adopting either decision that the claims were inadmissible because of insufficiency, or was stroking them off […]

Sep 10

On September 10 in Minsk the representatives of Belarusian public community presented monitoring of how the situation in Belarus developed from November, 2008 till September, 2010. (further – orthography of primary sources)

Feb 12

This compilation of materials was prepared in August-September 2009 by a group of NGOs for conveyance to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in conjunction with the preparation of the Universal Periodic Review of the Republic of Belarus’ fulfillment of its international human rights obligations.

Feb 08

The new law should not become a “limitation of freedom of speech in Internet.” This is the opinion of OSCE representative on mass media freedom, Miklosh Harashtsi.

Nov 16

At the forum in Brussels Belarusian civil activists disseminated a statement about rights and freedom violations in our country. The first session of the Civil Society Forum in the framework of the Eastern Partnership policy of the EU is held in Brussels on November 16-17. The conference is organised by Sweden, the country presiding in […]

Nov 03

Human rights defenders applied with an open address to the minister of foreign affairs Siarhei Martynau concerning the registration of the individual communication of the death convict Vasil Yuzepchuk by the UN Human Rights Committee.

Oct 22

Baranavichy human rights activist Siarhei Housha has lodged a repeated complaint with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, voicing his opposition to the Ministry’s reply, which named the Optional Protocol as ‘not having a binding effect’ for the parties to the Treaty to implement the conclusions by the UN Human Rights Committee. In his complaint, the […]

Sep 30

“The human rights organization “Reporters Without Borders” urged the government of Belarus did not hinder the work of journalists of foreign media.

Sep 18

The Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ) protests against the serious barriers for journalists’ professional activities during the protests on 16 and 9 September and demands to call those responsible to account.

Apr 29

Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Verhagen expects that the Belarusian dictator won’t come to the EU summit to Prague on May 7.

Mar 21

‘I, Ales Bialiatski, am Chair of the Council of the Public Association Human Rights Center Viasna, closed down by verdict of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus of 28 October 2003. Considering the decision of the Supreme Court a violation of the freedom of association and having failed to receive an adequate remedy […]

Feb 24

Lithuanian MEP Laima Liucija Andrikiene, who initiated the visit, told reporters that they had come to see the situation in Belarus with their own eyes. She described the visit as brief, intensive and important.

Feb 03

Leninski district court of Minsk refused to consider a complaint against the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that ignores the UN ruling prescribing the legal rehabilitation of the Civil Initiatives NGO.

Nov 18

Aliaksei Lapitski As said to the BelaPAN by Homel human rights activist Leanid Sudalenka, all three answers to the addresses concerning the implementations of the opinions of the UN Human Rights Committee and renewal of the legal status of the ‘Civil initiatives’ in Homel, received from different state instances of Belarus are negative. In particular, […]

Oct 02


Apr 07

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus has passed to the UN Human Rights Committee the National Report on the situation of fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens within the guidelines of the Universal Periodical Review, a procedure that had been established by the UN Human Rights Council in 2006. This is the first time […]

Nov 14

Finally the human rights defender from Baranavichy Siarhei Housha got an answer to his inquiries to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus about who must implement the decisions of the UN Human Rights Committee. In particular, Siarhei Housha asked the MFA why the Belarusian state didn’t implement the Committee’s decision concerning the Human Rights […]

Dec 02

On December 1 human rights defender, executive director of national human rights defending  association “Movement for realization of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights “PACT”” which is under formation Leanid Sudalienka directed a petition to MFA of Belarus requesting the publishing of decisions of UN Committee on human rights on official website of the […]

Feb 05

Human rights activist Siarhei Housha wrote a letter to the Constitutional Court (CC) of the Republic of Belarus. He reports that the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations (hereinafter HRC Committee) adopted two positive decision on his appeals.

Oct 11

This was reported on 10 October by the coordinator of the campaign “Human Rights Defenders against the Death Penalty in Belarus Andrei Poluda, the trustee of the convict.

Feb 02

This publication is designed on the example of analysis of situations connected with criminal and administrative prosecution of persons who participated in the unsanctioned picketing on December 19, 2010 in Minsk, Belarus.

Nov 05

On November 3, 2011 in Minsk the trial of Ales Bialiatski, the head of the human rights center Viasna and vice-president of the International Federation of Human Rights continued. The International observation mission of the Committee on international control over the situation with Human Rights in Belarus followed the progress of the trial. A survey […]

Apr 23

STATEMENT of the Steering Council of the Committee on International Control over the Situation with Human Rights in Belarus regarding violations by the Republic of Belarus of the OSCE commitments related to assistance to non-governmental organizations in monitoring conditions in the human dimension.

Apr 09

A wide range of foreign and international human rights organizations addressed Aliaksandr Lukashenka and Siarhei Sikorski with a joint statement to condemn the ongoing use of the death penalty in Belarus. Here we present to your attention the full text of the address.

Mar 02

In 2009 the situation in the sphere of freedom of association in Belarus failed to undergo significant changes, the main problems in the formation and activities of public associations remaining unaltered. The practice of denying registration to public associations and political parties on dubious grounds including the socio-political stand of the associations’ founders was continued.

Jan 14

Homel activist of the Movement “For Freedom” Uladzimir Katsora appealed to public authorities with a demand to implement the requirement of the decision by the UN Human Rights Committee on the reestablishment of the public association “Civil Initiatives”.

Nov 14

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs answered the address of human rights defenders concerning the registration of the death convict Vasil Yuzepchuk’s communication by the UN Human Rights Committee. ‘We inform you that the official note of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights concerning the registration of the individual communication on behalf […]

Jul 27

At the end of last week, the Belarusian secret services detained a Danish human rights activist in Minsk-2 airport and then banned him entry in Belarus.

Apr 30

Front Line is concerned by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus, on 22 April 2009, to maintain the previous decision of the Ministry of Justice not to register the human rights organisation Nasha Viasna (Our spring). Nasha Viasna is the new name of the human rights centre previously known as […]

Feb 02

Mr.Bialiatski’s interview concerning the registration of the Nasha Viasna human rights organization.

Nov 11

Uladzimir Katsora, Homel activist of the democratic forces, has received answers from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice and the Constitutional Court of Belarus to his inquiry concerning the restoration of the legal status of the NGO ‘Civil Initiatives’. Mr. Katsora directed his appeal to the abovementioned state organs in October 2008. […]